About Us

The family

By pure whim of fate, this marvellous project was born to become a huge family. We are a team of people with different profiles that fit in because of their value and experience in different fields (fashion, textile production, design, marketing, communication, etc.). We are moved by passion and we like things done well .
We want to make a sustainable product and we want to make small contribution to make a better World.

The legend

Legend has it that before we are even born, an imaginary red thread joins us to others. This is the thread of fate, which may stretch or tangle but it will never break. This magic thread is in each and every one of our socks. We wish that it will bring you and your loved ones much more closer together while wearing them as we are creating them and making this project real.


Our socks are really special because they are made with love and more things…


For the family

They are Socks which unite because not only do they warm up the whole family ´s feet they also warm up the heart. It is a gift that keeps on giving for you or for yours.
They will make you live unforgettable moments, playing to be a pirate family, playful cats, a gang of penguins or whichever comes up! Since there are designs and sizes for everybody, they are free of jealousy.


We have anti-slip designs to walk barefoot at home, play in ball pits and you can even use them as slippers on planes or in hotels. We want you to love and enjoy them while you are having a blast!!


Trabajamos con el mejor algodón orgánico del mercado, nuestro packaging es de cartón reciclado, solo colaboramos con empresas socialmente responsables y de la Unión Europea ¡Porque tu bienestar es nuestra mayor responsabilidad!


My family socks are out of this world comfortable, seamless and with anti pressure cuffs , so they fit perfectly to your leg without squeezing or damaging the circulation. We want you to start your day on the right foot!

Design products

My family socks has an unmistakable design. With them you will make a difference!

Discount Packs

We love amazing families, so this is why we apply a 20% off if you buy four pairs or more. The more, the better!